Walk With the Lilacs

Today, after dinner we decided to go for a walk in Highland Park and check out the new playground they added.  I always found it odd that they never had a playground for the kiddies. It has now become even more appealing to everyone (Dagny) in the household.

We were very excited to see that the lilacs were still giving off their lovely aroma.  It was a wonderful treat to our noses.

Here are some photos from our walk.

Me and my girl

I LOVE this photo!  This photo captures their relationship to a tee.

My silly family

Someone walking by was kind enough to offer to take our photo.

The Johnsons

Dagny rolling down the hill.  She loves to do this whenever we go.


Dagny sharing a secret with me.  I love it.

Secret between mommy and daughter

She loves dandelions! Let me know if anyone is in need of some removal off their lawns.  I am sure she would be more then happy to offer her services.

Love it

Enjoying the new playground.

My big girl


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  • Erika iro

    such pretty flowers… i loved rolling down the hill too when you guys come here ill clean up the back yard so she can roll down the hill im my backyard <3