Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday, we headed down to Binghamton.  Dagny was so excited to be going and seeing her Cousins, Uncle, Aunt, and Agi Mama. We have officially enter the phase of “Are we there yet?”. Thankfully, we were able to keep her occupied in between wondering if we were there yet.

Keeping busy

We enjoyed the outdoors by going for a walk on the property. Dagny LOVED it.  She loved running ahead with Lily and Erika.

my girls

Later in the night we had a bonfire.

My brother!

Dagny helped her Aunt prepare lunch / dinner.

the cooks

Dagny got lots of lap and hug time this weekend.  She loves to be held by her family.


the girls

The best kids in the world!

Uncle Emeric and Dagny

Goofy Kids.



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