Finally! Pool Time Has Arrived

Craig take the plunge


One Active Day, One Not

Saturday turned into more of a active day than we planned, or honestly could of planned.  The only thing on our calender was a birthday party for one of our friend’s son. That quickly changed when I got a text from my friend, Jessica, wondering if we were interested in joining her and her son at Springdale Farm.  Dagny and I decided to go, while Craig stayed home and did some yard work.

She did this a lot.

D loves her horses

Dagny and Mason

On our way home from our outing Dagny fell asleep and had a power nap.  I was very excited about this because I knew that we still had a busy day ahead of us.  We got home had lunch and rested before we headed out for Jacob’s birthday party at the Clubhouse Fun Center.

Dagny with her quadropus

After eating, opening birthday presents, and cake the kids were able to ride go-karts, play miniature golf, and video games. The first stop was the go-karts.  From what I saw I think Craig was as excited about riding them as much as Dagny.

Craig and Dagny

Then, Dagny played her first round of miniature golf. She’s still super young for it, but she loved the idea.

First lesson

She is very independent.  She didn’t want further instructions on how to play.


When Dagny used up all her tokens and picked out something with her tickets, we headed over to our friend’s house, Dan and Denise.  Denise had knee surgery last week, so we thought we would visit with her and the rest of the family.  This gave the opportunity for Dagny to get together with her little buddy, Danny. We ordered some take-out and enjoyed some wonderful company.  By, the time we took our last bite of dinner, Dagny told us she wanted to go home.  Little girl was beat.  We did everything possible to make sure she wouldn’t fall asleep in the car, it worked!  Got home, bath, story, and sleepy land.  Of course, she was up by 6:30 the next morning. :-/

Did you notice that Dagny is wearing jeans and a hoodie?  Yeah, because it’s been actually fall here. Don’t get me wrong  I love that I can have my windows open all day, but I do wish we can get into our pool.  Someday soon I hope!

Sunday, was a relaxing day at home.  We did walk over to our local farmers market and got some fruits and veggies.  To our pleasant surprise our local Fire Department was there letting the kids sit in trucks.

Fire Chief Dagny

She loved this thing

She was trying to figure out how it was talking and moving.

Trying to figure it out

my girl

The rest of the day was hanging out at home, playing in the backyard, and BBQ.

Before I forget.  Dagny finished Preschool last week.  She is now in summer camp and will be starting Pre-K in September. I didn’t expect the emotional reaction that I felt when all her folders and projects were in her cubby for us to bring home.  It hit me like a ton of bricks that she is getting so big.  And, I have to go through this every year.


Father’s Day, Plus Other Things

We had a lovely Father’s Day.  We had fun in our backyard playing around, going out for a late lunch, and putting a fence up. Okay, putting up the fence part was all Craig.  He did about 95 percent of the install of the removable fence around the pool. We are very excited about having the extra security in our backyard. It puts more ease on our minds when being out there with D and her friends.

Father of the Year

the duo

Monday, Dagny had her last day of gymnastics for this round.  Parents were invited to observer.  We were impressed with how much they do with them at this age.  To our pleasant surprise she was good at the different activities.  Most importantly she was having fun. After class the kids were called individually up to the podium and received a ribbon.  It was too cute.

Dagny with her ribbon

The weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind.  It seems it’s either summer or spring here.  One day hot, the other rainy.

This is a summer day:

summer day

This is a spring day:


This was literally one day to the next. Can’t wait for summer to start. Ugh.

Anyway, we are making the best of what we can about going outside.  Dagny has really gotten into riding her tricycle. We have graduated from the driveway and now are actually going on longer rides in our neighborhood.  Oh, and girl is fast. She likes to push her invisible button on her bike that makes her tricycle become super-fast and become Super Dagny.

Super Dagny


I will end this post with a Dagnyism. She says the funniest things.

Dagny: Mommy, I need to brush my teeth, because if I don’t I’ll have cabbages.

Me: Do you mean cavities?

Dagny: Yes, that’s what I said.


Pretty Ballerina

Saturday, was Dagny’s dance recital.  We have been both dreading and looking forward to it at the same time.  She is still so young (the youngest in her class by a year)  and if you think about it, it’s a pretty big thing this little kid had to do.  We weren’t sure how she would react to being on stage in front of so many eyes. She has become very shy this past year. A year ago she was so far from being shy.  I am not sure if it’s a phase or her personality forming.

We were so happy that he had a dress rehearsal earlier in the week to get her familiar with the stage and what Saturday would behold.  She did really good, so we felt very good about the recital.

The recital was a success.  She didn’t run off the stage, start crying, or freeze up.  There were some minor moments in the beginning when she froze, but then she got into it. We are so proud of her for doing so well.

pretty ballerinas

I actually think she enjoyed the final bow the best.  She had a smile on from ear to ear.  I think it might of been my favorite moment, seeing my little girl center stage with a huge smile on.

final bow

Afterward, she didn’t want to take her dress off, so we decided to take some photos of her.

Pretty Dagny

Pretty Dagny

Dagny and Craig

Dagny and Barbara

Dagny and Agi Mama

Three generations

It was such a special day.  I know we will have more of these in the future, but I think the first one sets the bar for the rest.  I don’t think it others will ever be like this one.


Happy Father’s Day, Craig!

Dear Craig,

Happy Father’s Day!

Dagny and I love you so much!


Dagny and Craig


Barbara and Dagny