Father’s Day, Plus Other Things

We had a lovely Father’s Day.  We had fun in our backyard playing around, going out for a late lunch, and putting a fence up. Okay, putting up the fence part was all Craig.  He did about 95 percent of the install of the removable fence around the pool. We are very excited about having the extra security in our backyard. It puts more ease on our minds when being out there with D and her friends.

Father of the Year

the duo

Monday, Dagny had her last day of gymnastics for this round.  Parents were invited to observer.  We were impressed with how much they do with them at this age.  To our pleasant surprise she was good at the different activities.  Most importantly she was having fun. After class the kids were called individually up to the podium and received a ribbon.  It was too cute.

Dagny with her ribbon

The weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind.  It seems it’s either summer or spring here.  One day hot, the other rainy.

This is a summer day:

summer day

This is a spring day:


This was literally one day to the next. Can’t wait for summer to start. Ugh.

Anyway, we are making the best of what we can about going outside.  Dagny has really gotten into riding her tricycle. We have graduated from the driveway and now are actually going on longer rides in our neighborhood.  Oh, and girl is fast. She likes to push her invisible button on her bike that makes her tricycle become super-fast and become Super Dagny.

Super Dagny


I will end this post with a Dagnyism. She says the funniest things.

Dagny: Mommy, I need to brush my teeth, because if I don’t I’ll have cabbages.

Me: Do you mean cavities?

Dagny: Yes, that’s what I said.


2 comments to Father’s Day, Plus Other Things

  • Maria

    Barbara – you really need to consider writing children’s books for your next career :)

    Craig – love the fence… I need to hear all about it.

    Love the pics – looks like Dagny is having a growing spurt! And it’s nice to see Lily in the picture again.

  • Erika iro

    that is so cute!!!!!!!!!! love you guys