Long Island or Bust

We went down to Long Island this past weekend to visit with my family. We decided to take Dagny to Doodlebugs for the morning, which gave us the opportunity to pack without a 3 1/2 year old asking us every second, “Are we going yet?” and “Why?”

I had gotten Dagny a couple of puzzle books of Mazes and Dot-to-Dots (numbers and letters) for the trip. The books are meant for 5 to 6 years (Kindergarten age) and D is just flying right through them. She is one smart little cookie.

Here she is:

When we arrived we checked out their new home garden filled with organic yummys. I am not kidding, they are growing grapes, cucumbers, watermelons, tomatoes, herbs, peppers, and tons of other things.

D checking out the watermelon

The rest of the weekend was about hangout in the pool and eating!

Emi and D

Dagny with a couple of the lobsters. She wasn’t too sure of the whole thing.

D not sure of the lobsters

Craig and Emerson on the other hand were very sure of them.


She did like the new car from her uncle and aunt.

Here are my kids. I feel like the first one looks like an album cover, is that just me?

It was such a great weekend. Unfortunately, we had to cut our visit short because of my new job.


Bubble Wrap, Winnie, And Rubber Ducks

This weekend was hot, hot, hot. Summer has arrived blazing.  I realize some are not too happy with it, but hey it’s summer and summer is suppose to be hot. With the heat and sun the pool reached 97.5 degrees when we took the bubble wrap off.  Seriously, whoever came up with the idea of using bubble wrap to heat a pool is my hero. The pool ranged between 94-96 degrees while we were in it. Insane!  While some might thing its too hot, um… your wrong!  It was absolutely amazing.

Moving on, Friday we decided to go to the Pittsford Duck Drop. Dagny was more excited about feeding the geese and ducks, than the yellow ducks racing.  I guess I see her point.


She also liked the live music. She just got up and started dancing. Lately, we’ve been catching her dancing and singing at home.  It’s so cute.

Waiting for the rubber ducks to drop.

It's insane how much I love this little girl!

Unfortunately, our duck didn’t win. Maybe next year.

This weekend we hit a new milestone.  Dagny with Mommy Bear in tow went to her first movie, Winnie the Pooh. I can’t tell you how happy I am that her first movie was a classic and it had a bear in it!  It was perfect.  The movie was a little over an hour which is perfect for a 3 1/2 year old attention span.

Here she is all set to go.  Thankfully, Mommy Bear was the only one that actually went into the theater. Otherwise we probably would of needed to buy another ticket for all her “friends”.

ready to go

Here she is right before we went in.

with the movie poster

My big girl ready for the movie to start.  Sigh.

big girl


Bonus Dagny:

Here is Doctor, Chief, Pianist Dagny!


Saying Goodbye Is Hard To Do

Dagny had so much fun with her uncle this past week. Everything she did was centered around Tim. When Dagny was home and not at summer camp she was all over him. Even though this was Tim’s vacation, we ended up thanking him for our vacation. He was so wonderful and patient with her. He understood the 3-year-old attention span and what comes along with that. Needless to say she was one sad little girl when he had to go home.

She was very excited about going to the airport.  She had no idea what that meant.

Watching her uncle check-in and us explaining to her that he had to go home to Texas.  All coming together in her little head.

Saying goodbye.  Very unhappy.

Strawberry and Cream therapy…

…But, honestly the walk home with Craig is what helped her feel better.

She is truly lucky to have amazing men in her life, from uncles, grandfather, and father that absolutely adore her!


Independence Day Weekend

Craig’s brother, Tim, is here visiting and he brought some Texas hot with him. With the weather finally being warm (not quite hot) and the new solar cover for the pool, I can’t tell you how much fun we have been having.  The pool is amazing!

The water has been so warm that my Mom actually got in. And, of course Dagny is always in it!

3 Gen.

We pretty much have been living outside these past few days.  We have been grilling LOTS.

After a long day in the pool Dagny and I would lay in the hammock.  One of those times she sent a message to Craig while he was still in the pool. I love this girl. She really blows me away when she does this kind of things.

Fourth of July was a looong day, not just for Dagny but us.

The day started with going to the park.

We came back home and with the idea that Dagny would take a nap, unfortunately Dagny didn’t like that idea very much.  After some lunch and a little rest we headed to our local Carnival.  We got there early so there weren’t many people there, which we loved.  By the time we left the place was starting to get filled up.

Dagny hit all the rides, minus one that is catered for older children.

Here she is waiting for the train with her uncle.

And, on the train.

The slide was probably her favorite.  I couldn’t even tell you how many times she went down it with Craig and Tim. Girl loves her slide.

Then she hit all the bounce houses.

Dagny had her first try of DippinDOTS. A nice way of cooling off.

Dagny and Tim.

When we got home we got in the pool, of course. Until dinner time.  We gave Dagny a bath and dressed her back up.  Our day was not over yet.  We all stayed up and went to watch our local fireworks show.

Here is Little Miss D waiting patiently.

Then seeming them.

It was all fun.


Craig and Barbara 4-Ever 2-Gether!

Nine years ago I was in a Palace, The Royal Palace of Gödöllő, about to get married to the love of my life and I was a nervous wreck.  Then I saw Craig at the end of aisle and all nerves were gone.  A peace came over me and it was our moment in time.

Nine years later, I am just as happy to be married to my best friend.



I love you, Craig Johnson!

4-ever 2-gether!