Work It, Mom!

I am still getting use to being a working mom. To my surprise going back to an office environment after my hiatus didn’t feel unnatural. Honestly, it felt like I was going back after a long weekend.  So far I am enjoying what I am doing, but  I don’t remember ever being so busy at a job, ever!

We bought a scooter!

Here are our four reasons behind the purchase in no particular order.

  1. My commute is short
  2. High gas prices
  3. We care about the environment, a lot!
  4. And, its SO much fun to ride!

Meet Buddy!

My Buddy

Craig filled, Buddy, up.  I never thought I would ever see numbers like that again.  Enough said.

Hey now

Emerson is visiting us for two weeks.  It’s been so much fun having him up here.  Dagny is having a blast with him, in case you can’t tell.

brother and sister

Love it

Here is Emerson with Agi Mama (my mom).

My mom with her grandson

Someone loves her daddy.

Craig and Dagny

We had a family picnic at Dagny’s daycare, Doodlebugs.


And, here a couple of photos of my silly little girl.


sour face


A Family That Gets Wet Together, Stays Together

The weekend started off Friday afternoon with a birthday party for one of Dagny’s friends.  It took place at Kango Place, which Dagny really enjoys going to.  It was so nice because they pretty much had the place to themselves. It was such an great sight to watch them playing and chatting with each other and not parallel to one another.

the girls

Saturday, we decided to take Dagny to Niagara Falls, more specifically to the Maid of the Mist.  This was the first time on a boat for her and what a way to start out.  The only thing she didn’t like about the whole thing was getting wet, hmm. It was such a weird comment coming from the girl that loves the pool.  But, I think that was the exact problem.  She has come to associating getting wet with a bathing suit and pool (of course not to mention bath time).  But, this was such a different experience.  Besides the whole getting wet part, she really seemed to like it.

getting ready

right before

getting wet together


Afterward, we got some ice cream, because lets face it there is no better way to end the day.



Daddy, Daughter Weekend

Friday, Craig and Dagny got into the car and drove down to Ohio to visit with Craig’s parents. I was originally part of the plan, but with with starting a new job I just couldn’t do it. It was a bittersweet moment. It was so hard not being with my two favorite people. I missed them so much, but I was so happy they could have some daddy-daughter time. Plus, I was glad that Dagny got to spend some time with her grandparents. That’s always a plus.

From the photos that Craig took, it looks like they had a great time.

getting comfortable

During their visit, they all went to the Wilds. I am still so bummed that I didn’t get to go.  It looks like such a great place. Next time!

Dagny and Grandma


close to nature

D checking out the donkeys

Mommy Bear's turn


Looks like Dagny had a great time

Grandma and Dagny also baked some brownies together in Dagny’s new baking set.

Brownie time

licking time

Walking around the house, which is nestled in the woods.

"This way, Daddy." (she looks so BIG here!)

D with Grandma

The first thing I asked Craig when I saw Dagny was if he gave her a dictionary during the ride and if they took turns stretching her.  She seemed to changed so much in those few days.  My little, big girl.