Work It, Mom!

I am still getting use to being a working mom. To my surprise going back to an office environment after my hiatus didn’t feel unnatural. Honestly, it felt like I was going back after a long weekend.  So far I am enjoying what I am doing, but  I don’t remember ever being so busy at a job, ever!

We bought a scooter!

Here are our four reasons behind the purchase in no particular order.

  1. My commute is short
  2. High gas prices
  3. We care about the environment, a lot!
  4. And, its SO much fun to ride!

Meet Buddy!

My Buddy

Craig filled, Buddy, up.  I never thought I would ever see numbers like that again.  Enough said.

Hey now

Emerson is visiting us for two weeks.  It’s been so much fun having him up here.  Dagny is having a blast with him, in case you can’t tell.

brother and sister

Love it

Here is Emerson with Agi Mama (my mom).

My mom with her grandson

Someone loves her daddy.

Craig and Dagny

We had a family picnic at Dagny’s daycare, Doodlebugs.


And, here a couple of photos of my silly little girl.


sour face


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