4th Annual Biro Bonfire

After Dagny’s dance class on Saturday we headed down to Binghamton for the 4th Annual Biro Bonfire. I look forward to this weekend every year.  It was great seeing my family along with the extended family too. As Dagny is getting older, the weekend gets so much more enjoyable.


Hello, Autumn!

My favorite season is here. You know what that means? The great outdoors.

We have been doing the farm thing the past couple of weekends along with other outdoor fun. And, this is just the beginning. Can you tell Autumn is my favorite season?!

This is just the beginning.


Pre-K, Here Comes Dagny

Dagny started Pre-K this week. Little Miss D is growing up too fast for my liking.

My big girl

happy girl

Now we are on to the next step. We have started looking at different places outside of our school district for where Dagny can go to kindergarten next year. Technically, Dagny can start kindergarten next year (she makes the cut off by two weeks), but we are still deciding if she should wait a year. The only reason being her young age. It’s such a tough decision for us. She is very smart and we hate the idea of holding her back, but at the same time, the idea of her starting high school at 13 and college at 17 just doesn’t sit well with us. So, for now it looks like she will do kindergarten next year out of district and then the following year start in our school district.
Anyone, gone through this, going through this, or will be going through it? Or if you have an opinion please share.

Catching Up

I am not even sure where to start. I really need to stay on top of this website. By the time I get around to putting an entry together the content is pretty watered down. I am sorry for that. Unfortunately, this post is not going to be much better. One of these days I will get my act together.

This past weekend we decided to take advantage of the last nice days left of summer. We headed to Stony Brook National Park. The last time we went was last year later in the season. This year we went earlier enough to be able to go into the water. Dagny loved it.  In fact she said, “I love it here. Thank you for bringing me.” I just love the things that come our of her little mouth.

It seems to be the season for birthday parties. Dagny has been quite the social bug.  There seems to be a party to go to every weekend. Needless to say she is having a blast.

If it’s not birthday parties, then its play dates. Dagny and I met up with one of her friends from her class and her mom. Both girls painted a Lion. This was the first time for Dagny and I think she might be hooked. She picked out all the colors and she painted the whole thing by herself. The only thing I admit to painting is the belly. I think the final product is pretty good.

Dagny finished up her summer gymnastic session with another ribbon. Craig and I were both very impressed with how much more confident she has gotten.

Just one more of my not so little girl.