Pre-K, Here Comes Dagny

Dagny started Pre-K this week. Little Miss D is growing up too fast for my liking.

My big girl

happy girl

Now we are on to the next step. We have started looking at different places outside of our school district for where Dagny can go to kindergarten next year. Technically, Dagny can start kindergarten next year (she makes the cut off by two weeks), but we are still deciding if she should wait a year. The only reason being her young age. It’s such a tough decision for us. She is very smart and we hate the idea of holding her back, but at the same time, the idea of her starting high school at 13 and college at 17 just doesn’t sit well with us. So, for now it looks like she will do kindergarten next year out of district and then the following year start in our school district.
Anyone, gone through this, going through this, or will be going through it? Or if you have an opinion please share.

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  • Sam

    I started kindergarten at age 4 and I turned out ok! My sister and I both did that. My mom couldn’t wait to get rid of us. We went off to college young but one year doesn’t make that much of a difference…On the adult side of things, everyone I graduated with is older than me…now that I am getting up there, that makes me smile!