Santa Came To Town

This year we stayed in Rochester and had a very low key Christmas. We really wanted Dagny to have a Christmas at home, in her own bed, and wake Christmas morning to presents under the tree. It was great!

Here is my little girl on Christmas Eve. So I ask you, when did she get so big?!

My silly family.  These two are so goofy.  Love them so much!

Dagny with her Agi Mama.

Craig and Dagny baked homemade chocolate chip cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. She also wanted to leave carrots for the reindeer.  It was very important that there was enough for all the reindeer anything less was not an option!

I made (painted) the Santa plate for Dagny a couple of months ago. I am so happy it turned out good, but more with the fact that Dagny loves it.

Christmas morning. One excited little girl.

First thing Dagny ran for was the BIG teddy bear that Craig got her. My girl loves her bears!

Hola-Hoop time.

Here is Miss Rock-Star!

Our child is officially plugged-in.  D got a shuffle from Agi Mama and its filled with all her favorite tunes.

I just love this photo. Taking a moment to herself to color.

After a long morning of opening gifts and playing, a nap was in order.

Love to all.


Merry Christmas


Craig, Barbara, Dagny, Maxie, & Lily

Busy Kid

This weekend was booked solid with Dagny activities.  I already mentioned the Polar Express and her Holiday Show.  Then today she had a birthday party in the morning and in the afternoon she had her first ice skating lesson at our old stumping ground, RIT.

We have been preparing her that it’s not going to be easy at first. That she will fall, a lot! She has genuinely been very excited about going. There were no tears, lots of smiles, and laughter.  We will mark this as a success.


Frosty The Snowman

Dagny had her first Holiday show tonight. We had hopes that Dagny would be a little more “active” in this recital compared to the one from June.  She’s been much more excited about dance this year.  Now a days she comes home and wants to show us what she has learned.  That was never the case last year.  She’s taken a new turn, I guess.

But, still we didn’t know what would happen when she got on stage.  As I heard the music start up,  I really believe I stopped breathing. Then the curtains opened and there was my little girl doing her dance without an ounce of shyness or apprehension on her part. That’s when I started breathing again and a huge smile came on my face.  I can’t explain how much pride I had in my daughter at that moment.  She rocked it!

The girls. It’s so great that she is taking dance with one of her close friends.

-Proud Ma and Pa

Polar Express

All aboard! Where are we going? To the North Pole of course.

We’ve been waiting patiently for Dagny to be old enough, by our standards, to take a ride on the Polar Express.  We are so glad we waited, it was absolutely magical. She was adsorbed in the whole experience, which in turn Craig and I were too just by watching her.  We can’t wait to take the ride again next year.

Reading along in the book to the Polar Express story.

Dagny with the Hobo.

Seeing Santa!

Dagny’s time with the big man.

The  hug.

First gift of the season!