The Shortest, Longest Month.

Before Dagny came into our lives winter was usually very slow. We tended to be home bodies. That changed back in December 2008 when we came home with Dagny. From that moment on it was all about what we needed and wanted to do for our little girl. With every year that passes I see an increase in our social calender, or should I say, in Dagny’s calender and she’s only four.  I am not complaining at all, I am loving the fact that she is experiencing so many things.

For insistence, last Friday Dagny and I met up her friend, Samantha, and her mom at RIT for a hockey game. I am embarrassed to say that I’ve never been to one while attending RIT. I see that changing in the future.  We had so much fun!

Ten minutes into the game Dagny got the puck! It flew over the glass and was caught by someone behind us. The entire section started chanting, “Give it to the kid!, Give it to the kid!” He was nice enough to give it to us.  During intermission an official came over and gave the man another puck. GO RIT!

Valentine’s Day meant another project for me. I tend to overdue things, but I really enjoy this kind of stuff. Dagny and I headed out one night to Michaels to pick up some craft supplies. She is old enough now that I can discuss ideas with her and get some valid feedback. She’s growing up so fast. Sigh.

Here is what we came up with for her classmates.

For the boys, Super Heroes lollypops.

For the girls, Flower lollypops.

This is my favorite week of February. Emerson is here!

While Dagny had her skate lesson Emerson took to the ice too.

It snowed again…

… that puts a smile on Dagny.


2 comments to The Shortest, Longest Month.

  • Erika

    looks like she had a lot of fun. if you want you can have my brother back :) and i wish i could have been there last week too but i had school :-/ but good news ill be there before you know it. <3

  • Maria

    Wish I were one of Dagny’s classmates – those are so cute :) Almost as cute as Dagny herself!