Doodle Bugs Class of 2012

Friday night Dagny had her Pre-K  graduation from Doodle Bugs.  It was a bitter sweet event. Witnessing how much all the kids have grown in the past couple of years was pretty amazing. But, also made for a sad moment knowing that many of the kids wouldn’t see each other again.  Everyone was on their own paths moving on to their own elementary school. We (the parents) promised to stay in touch and I am sure some of us will, but life is going to get busy and realistically this was the end to some friendships.

It was truly a wonderful event were all the kids did a wonderful job. I am so proud of all of them, especially the long brown hair girl in the center.

We are so proud of you Little Miss D.

Love Mommy and Daddy!

The graduate, Miss Dagny!

Best friends, Dagny and Maggie.

Dagny and Samantha.

Dagny with her teachers Miss Kristen and Miss Jessica.


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  • Maria

    Congratulations Dagny to the first of many graduations to come!

    Barbara & Craig – just loved the organized chaos :)