Father’s Day Weekend

The weekend started off with Dagny’s end of the season festival for her soccer team, the Mustangs. Dagny was very excited to get her trophy as all the kids were. She’s gotten quite good this past season. She’s  much more confident out on the field and with that she has scored many goals. I am very proud of her determination. It’s a great quality to have.

Here’s Dagny with her awesome coach. He really is so good with the girls. Love him.

Here are most of her teammates, the Blue Flowers.

After the festival we headed out to Chimney Bluffs State Park. I had gone there during college and loved it. It’s one of those places that once you have been there it stays with you. Now that Dagny is old enough and not so whinny the time is right to start sharing some of these great places with her. She was such a great trooper during our hike. Unfortunately it was very muddy and we couldn’t finish the hike part. But, we did get to walk down by the shore and see the bluffs. Cannot wait to go back again.

Here is a view from the hike. How beautiful.

My loves.

Nature love.

For Father’s Day we had a low-key day. One of the more memorable things we did was go kiting. Dagny must be the kite whisper, because girl knows how to fly a kite like no one. There was another person trying to do the same, but they never quite got it to fly like Miss D. I am thinking Macy’s Day Parade.

Happy Father’s Day, Craig!
We love you so much!


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