Dagny’s Annual Photo 2014

Dagny 6 years old – 2014

Dagny’s Annual Photo 2011

Dagny 4 years old – 2011

Dagny’s Annual Photo 2010

Dagny 3 years old – 2010

Dagny’s Annual Photo 2009

This is really late, but better then never.

Dagny 2 years old – 2009

Dagny Two Years Old


Dagny’s Annual Photo

Craig and I started a tradition with Dagny. Every year around her birthday we are going to take a photo of her in the same chair wearing the same outfit (blue jeans, white t-shirt and white socks). It’s our little time line of our little girl. We also think she will appreciate it when she gets older if not we will. :-)

Here she is 1 year old – 2008

1 Year Old