Merry Christmas


Craig, Barbara, Dagny, Maxie, & Lily

Busy Kid

This weekend was booked solid with Dagny activities.  I already mentioned the Polar Express and her Holiday Show.  Then today she had a birthday party in the morning and in the afternoon she had her first ice skating lesson at our old stumping ground, RIT.

We have been preparing her that it’s not going to be easy at first. That she will fall, a lot! She has genuinely been very excited about going. There were no tears, lots of smiles, and laughter.  We will mark this as a success.


Frosty The Snowman

Dagny had her first Holiday show tonight. We had hopes that Dagny would be a little more “active” in this recital compared to the one from June.  She’s been much more excited about dance this year.  Now a days she comes home and wants to show us what she has learned.  That was never the case last year.  She’s taken a new turn, I guess.

But, still we didn’t know what would happen when she got on stage.  As I heard the music start up,  I really believe I stopped breathing. Then the curtains opened and there was my little girl doing her dance without an ounce of shyness or apprehension on her part. That’s when I started breathing again and a huge smile came on my face.  I can’t explain how much pride I had in my daughter at that moment.  She rocked it!

The girls. It’s so great that she is taking dance with one of her close friends.

-Proud Ma and Pa

Halloween 2011

Halloween gets better every year where Dagny is concerned.  She had so much fun at her school celebration, which included a parade and trick-or-treating.  She got plenty of practice for the evening in our neighborhood.

Little D looking over her loot, after a great night out trick-0r-treating with her friend, Greta.

And, the winner is for the first candy eaten… a hamburger shaped gummy.

Bonus:  I just love this photo of my little ladybug!


Let The Party Start

Saturday, was Dagny’s birthday party.  Because her birthday is so close to Thanksgiving, we figured we would go ahead and move the party up a couple of weeks.  It worked out good, because almost everyone we invited was able to make it.

The party was at Kango Play Center.  We’ve been there twice before, a birthday party and a play date.  Needless to say, Dagny fell in love with the place.  We gave her a few options and Kango was the winner hands down.

She wanted a pink and purple cake with Spider-Man on it.  Can I just say how much I love this girl!

Someone got shy with all the attention on her.

Ah, the gifts.  D made out like a bandit.

Love these three girls so much.  They are the Three Musketeers.

Three wise monkeys.

Dagny has some pretty wonderful friends. The next day it was about playing with all her new toys. Here is one of the many great gifts she received. She LOVES her tree house.

I was able to pull her away long enough to take her to see the OrKidstra Runaway Bunny. Kids were encourage to dress up in their Halloween costumes.

Here she is waiting for the show to start.

Here are the two girls enjoying the candy they received after the show.

It was a fun filled weekend.  Happy Pre Birthday, Dagny!