Bounce House, Tutu, And Toons

My little girl on Sunday morning after a night of partying with her friend, Greta, at the neighborhood block party.

Here is Dagny right up front in her first mosh pit.

And, finally here she is in the bounce house, which was a huge hit with her and all the kids.

The three of us had a wonderful time at our first neighborhood block party.  It was very nice being able to get together with our friends, the Reeds.


We Have A Preschooler

It’s really nothing new.  Dagny has been going to “school” for over a year now, but the fact that she is now considered a preschooler just really affects me.  She seems like she has gotten bigger over night.

The fact that she started at a new daycare, with new teachers, and new friends makes this seem so much more significant.  We tried to help her with the transition by taking her to her new daycare and having her explore her new classroom environment.  She truly seemed to love it.  This morning when I was getting Dagny ready I asked Dagny where are we going today, she replied “To preschool.” but, then she said “No, mommy, I want to go to my old school, the red school.”  Yikes!

As Craig and I dropped her off we were prepared for the worst scenario. I am not kidding you when I say she let go of our hands ran straight for the computer in her classroom. She never even turned back and looked at us.  We were so happy it was a good drop off.

I called to check in on her during the day and I was told she was doing great.

Here is our little preschooler.

Our Preschooler

Here is my girl after I picked her up this afternoon. Based on this photo I think she had a nice fun filled day.


Radio Silence, No More

Well, Hello to all that are still reading our blog.  We are back.  Sorry for the hiatus. I won’t go into details since Craig explained in his post about our technically difficulties.

In other news, we have had a steady set of visitors throughout the summer.  Mostly, it was our families that wanted to see the new house and of course Dagny, not so much Craig and I. So instead of a very wordy post I will do a time line of events through photos.  You guys like the photos better anyway.

Craig’s parents came for a visit a couple of weekends ago.  As Dagny is getting older she is becoming more and more aware of her grandparents.  She was excited to have them up here.  She just loves them both so much.

Here she is working on a puzzle with her Grandpa.

We went to one of Dagny’s favorite places, Strong Museum of Play.

She was ready to bring her home with us.  If only we had the room.

Later in the day, after Dagny’s nap, we decided to go for a walk on the beach.  The weather was beautiful and the crowds were at a minimum.  It was a prefect combination.

The rest of the weekend we hung out at the house. Enjoying the backyard and the pool.

We played some soccer.

Taking a break with Grandpa.

Then Dagny went into the pool with Craig and Grandma.

The rest of summer when we didn’t have guest we have had fun hanging out just us three.  We tried to do some of Dagny’s favorite activities.

We went berry picking.

We went to the zoo.  Which she is loving more and more with every visit.

So, I will end this post.  I really should of called it ‘Catching Up’.  I promise that my next post will have a little more meat and not just bones.

But, before I go.  This is what I came home to one afternoon while Craig was babysitting.

Good news is that I love them.


Video Of The Day


Kidzapalooza 2010

One of the best parts of summer for me is when my niece and nephew are in town for their annual visit. It is that time again and I am loving it.

I think what I love the most of these two is how they have accepted Dagny into their lives. They don’t find it a burden to do things that a 32 month old finds fun. They just get right in the mix.

I am very lucky to have these three wonderful kids in my life.

We went to the beach earlier in the week. Dagny has been wanting to go and play in the sand for quite some time. She had a great time with her cousins building “castles”. Even though she is still not a huge fan of sand getting on her, she has gotten better with it.

My Mom came along and enjoyed her three favorite grandchildren.

On our way home, Dagny and Erika took a ride on a “horse”.

Saturday, we decided to go to Tinker Nature Park in our old neighborhood. It’s a pleasant walk when it’s really hot outside because of all the trees.

Of course, the battery on our camera died as we started our walk. Boo-hoo. We were only able to take a few.

When did she get so big?

Here she is calling Little Bear. Yes, Little Bear is still very much a part of our lives.

As we were heading to our car a woman stopped and told us there was free ice cream and music in the barn. Um, free ice cream and music? Of course we were up for that.

And, today we (minus Lil D and my Mom) went to see Inception. What a fantastic movie. I had an idea of what it was going in, but it far exceed my exception. People actually clapped after the movie, I can’t remember the last time that’s happened. Go see it if you’re into movies like this. Enough said.